Friday, May 27, 2011

Pure Virgin

The fragrance Pure Virgin is born from a simple idea; create a simple and comfortable perfume. As fresh and luxurious as a beautiful linen dress. A pure sensual luxury to be worn by men and women alike.

Created by Celine Ellena, Pure Virgin uses the best quality musk which reminds us of the sensation of silk mixed with cotton on the skin.

Available in a 50ml Flacon, priced at $185.

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Little French Chic

Well I can finally announce that my colognes from Astier de Villatte have finally arrived and I can heart-fully say that they were worth the wait.
Firstly their newest invocation is Cologne 1871 - in conjunction with French fashion label 'Commune de Paris'. Cologne 1871 opens with Sicilian lemon, rosemary and bergamote - alive and sparkling. Then beneath its temptingly bitter and slightly tarnished surface, Cologne 1871 hides a decisive powdery charm, suave labdanum and stryax resin infuse the woody notes of luxurious patchouli essence, cedar and vetiver. The base of coumarin, with notes of feshly cut grass, along with Benzaldehyde and its scent of powdery almonds, become mouthwateringly lovely upon ones skin.

The 3 original colognes are:

Eau de Cologne - this fresh splash will instantly wake up any sleeping beauty. A flare of verbena, aromatic effusions of lavender, rosemary, basil; the lift of a fleeting floral note and a trace of benzoin to secure a lasting freshness.

Eau Fugace - a flash of lightening, a sharp and lilting fusion of a spruce citrus blend, delectable orange, gentle bergamot and the greenest touch of lemon. As it develops on the skin there is a luscious trail of aromatic herbs and patchouli, sunny and clean.

Eau Chic - a genuine Françoise Caron original, under its tame exterior lies an explosive character. a subtle balance of white flowers (ylang-ylang, rose, tuberose) and the fresh intensity of rosemary, thyme, petitgrain citronnier and lavender.

They come in 150ml flacons and are priced at $149 each. Worth a spritz on your next visit to the store.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

La Bombe

Today we took delivery of 'Boules Puantes' - proving that Cire Trudon has a sense of humour. These little vials of glass, fragrance an outdoor area or your fire place. They come in a little round tin with 10 'little stinkers' for $50. Perfect for the winter months.

The matches make a perfect accessory - great price point at $15.

Also to arrive today are 2 additional fragrances in the perfumed room sprays - Ernesto and Spiritus Sancti - just gorgeous. The large black imperial candle has been re-released as a fragranced candle in Spiritus Sancti - priced at $185. The beautiful wax bustes can be ordered on request.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Astier de Villatte

The beautiful candles from Astier de Villatte Paris have arrived!!!

Primarily known for their tableware in white ceramic, Astier de Villatte was launched in 1996 and their famous store on rue Saint-Honoré opened in 2000. The shop is a must see when you visit Paris.

Astier de Villatte offer a line of high-end perfumed vegetable wax candles. They contain no paraffin or other petrochemical by-products. The unprecedented softness of their candle base is due to a mix of soy, vegetable and a tiny bit of beeswax. They burn flawlessly for about 45 hours.

We have launched 10 candles with new releases Commune de Paris & Opéra. Opéra contains beeswax absolute from the hives atop the 'Opéra' in Paris - it is a must have for the colder months.

Our selection of fragrances include: Delphes, Cambridge, Rue Saint-Honoré, Mantes-la-Jolie, Honolulu, Monte Carlo, Naples, Anchorage, Commune de Paris & Opéra. Their perfumes are created by French parfumeur Françoise Caron from the prestigious Takasago perfume house in Japan.

These delicious candles are priced at $95 each.


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