Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bella Bellissima UK.

The luxury fragrance house of Bella Bellissima from the UK will make it's debut at Peony when we re open on Monday 31st January.

Bella Bellissima was created by Bella Crane, who handpicked a leading team of Swiss and British cosmetic scientists and the prestigious French aromatic products company of Robertet, to help create perfume perfection. The aim was to combine the finest, most exquisite ingredients in an innovative range delivering both real results and ultimate luxury. The range is presented in beautifully handblown glass decorated with pure platinum.

The range consists of 4 fragrances - 2 for women and 2 for men. I love this concept of having a day time fragrance and then layering with the night time fragrance over the top of your day perfume. The same principal applies to the mens fragrances.

The home fragrance collection is divine. There are 4 candles with matching room sprays, fragrances include: Sweet Fig and crushed Raspberry leaf; Red Roses and precious Guaiac Wood; Pure Gardenia, Jasmine and Peony and Black Cardamon, Cinnamon and Cedarwood. The presentation includes a little box of matches.

The fragrances are priced at $140 for the women's fragrance and $130 for the men's. The candles are $85 and the matching home and linen sprays are $60.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Different Company is arriving soon

A sneak preview to let you know we will be launching the stunning fragrances from the Haute Parfumerie house 'The Different Company' on Monday 31st January, when we re-open.

The olfactory beauty of these perfumes are truly amazing - this company is all about luxury in fragrance, with their unique scents and exceptional packaging.

We will be launching all your favourites: Oriental Lounge, Rose Poivree, Sel et Vetiver - 11 fragrances in total.

More information to come.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Remind me never to decide to tart up my shop all at once again!!! - I am exhausted......

I have finally finished packing everything into boxes and cleaned out the storage area - anyone who has seen 'my back room' will know what a monumental effort that took. So after 7 days of hard slog the removalists will arrive tomorrow to take away all the furniture. The shop looks very sad and empty. 'Peter the Painter' arrives for 2 days - I think he is being very ambitious as he has to paint the inside and outside of the store. The fabulous staff at Victorian Shutters and Shades are revamping my awning which I have designed so I am hoping it turns out well.

Then all going to plan the new carpet arrives next week - a very stylish black with a white pin stripe to match my black and white theme. I will have a few new pieces of furniture to play with and the shop counter is getting a makeover. Then the fun part starts again - unpacking!! and re-merchandising.

I know it will be worth it in the end!! - very exciting.


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