Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sex in the City 2

We have just launched the stunning pieces of Rodgrio Otazu jewellery that featured in the latest instalment of Sex and the City. Rodrigo is Argentinian by birth and now resides in Amsterdam where the jewels are made. What I love about the jewellery is the attention to detail and the drama, they are just so beautifully made.

This beautiful 'Carrie' necklace (pictured) is available in very limited quantities and priced at $465, which given the detail and workmanship is very well priced. The other pieces include 2 of the pearl and crystal cuffs - just have to try these on!! and the divine earings worn by 'Samantha'.

Monday, June 14, 2010

We Love NY

I have just returned from Brisbane where I met with Christian David from Honore des Pres, Paris. He made the trip from Paris for the huge media launch in Sydney and then he travelled up to Brisbane. We were both staying at the Emporium Hotel which was lovely. On Friday we met with Nick Smart from Agence de Parfum (who are the importers/distributors) at his retail store in West End. The store looked amazing, this is a picture of the window display above.

Christian gave the most interesting talk on his collaboration with one of the most famous noses 'Olivia Giacobetti'. He spoke of his passion for creating an organic fragrance range and what a journey it has been to be presenting these beautiful fragrances as it can take over 12 months just to produce the perfume.

An interesting snippet from Paris - as they were launching Honore des Pres in Collette the wonderful Karl Lagerfeld just happened to pop in - Christian is so humble - he said his heart was racing as KL is one of his idols. The new collection 'We love NY' - Vamp in NY has outsold Chanel 5 for the month of May in the fabulous department store 'La Bon Marche' - a staggering achievement!!!

After our little presentation we stroled down the road to a wonderful organic restaurant called Mondo Organics where we had the most delicious of lunches:

Starter: Tin Can Bay Prawn with prawn bisque
Main: Pan fried John Dory with saffron potato, braised fennel, peas, bacon baby clams and saffron veloute
Dessert: Amaretto creme brulee with hazelnut crumble, burnt caramel ice cream and rose water coulis

All in all it was a wonderful few days which I thoroughly enjoyed!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ladurée Candles

A Little taste of Paris comes to Peony. We have launched 8 candles from Ladurée Paris - Brioche, Cafe Creme, Rose Water, Caramel Butter, Roasted Chestnuts, Orange Blossom, Black Tea and Wild Strawberry. They are good enough to eat.  Priced at $99 each.

Founded in 1862 in the rue Royale by Louis Ernest Ladurée, the company quickly became famous especially for its macaroons. Its tearoom was at the time one of the first meeting places for "Ladies". Ladurée had invented the Parisian "Salon de thé".

At Ladurée, decor is king and its royal stamp is everywhere. The salons have a sumptuous style of the Second Empire with its taffeta curtains, crystal chandeliers, gilded caryatids, and velvet armchairs.

Ladurée, creator of magic moments, will bring an olafactory scene of opulence into your home.  The candle collection is a breath of refinement and elegance, where every fragrance is within an attractive China pot engraved with the Ladurée emblem.

Burn time approx 40 to 50 hours.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Our first Organic Perfume

Launched in 2008, Honoré des Prés was established by Christian David and debuted with 'Pure Extracts of Nature' to world wide acclaim. Since then HDP has paved the way for organic haute perfumery, with its natural ingredients revealing themselves in the simplicity of each fragrance.

Carrying the Ecocert Organic Label, these exceptional and rare essences are 100% natural in origin, use 100% botanical ingredients produced using organic farming methods, contain no petrochemical products or synthetic perfumes, are free of colouring agents and phtalates, are produced without animal testing or ingredients of animal origin, and contain no elements which aggress the skin.

Parfums Honoré des Prés were created by one of the world's most celebrated perfumers of modern times, Olivia Giacobetti. She was the first to accept the challenge of creating unique and perfectly organic perfumes which do not compromise beauty or style.

Peony presents 'Pure Extracts of Nature' (100ml eau de toilette - $205) and the newly released 'We Love New York' collection (50ml EDP - $169). In store on Wednesday June 9.


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