Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Essence of Frapin

1697 has just arrived in store - very exciting.

In the year 1697 the Frapin family were granted nobility by Louis XIV. The monarch was passionate about beauty, women, love.... rapturous festivities, enchanting balls, voluptuous colours and scents marked his reign. P Frapin and Cie called on celebrated perfumeur Bertrand Duchaufour to create a fragrance that reflects this enchanting period in history.

The fragrance is made up of the most precious ingredients. Absolutes of rum, cassie flower, cistus, tonka bean and rose. The first wafts of rum are heightened by davana oil and become more pronounced as the leather and notes of cognac come in to play. Spiced floral heart notes of hawthorn and jasmine merge with cinnamon, dried fruits and rose. The base notes linger, combining an amber based theme with musk and wood essences softened by vanilla. A smooth and bewitching scent.

1697 is a Limited Edition numbered from 1 to 1697. The absolu de parfum is a 50ml flacon and priced at $337. We have been lucky to secure just a few bottles.

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