Friday, July 8, 2011

BBC program - Perfume

I found this you tube link to the BBC show 'Perfume' - if you love all things perfume and want to see a little of what happens behind the scenes, it is a must see - there are parts 1 to 4, they are 15 minutes in length and obviously watch them in order. A little bit of Chandler Burr, Jean-Claude Ellena, Monsieur Guerlain - trust me you will love it!!!


  1. I have been a regular watcher of the 1 hour show. It's been marvellous. I don't know if you are able to receive BBC iplayer in Australia. Link here:

    I am a perfume nut - it's mystical, spiritual, mysterious and does something wierd to many senses, not just smell!

  2. I did download the BBC iplayer but the program is unavailable in Australia. We have pay TV so I will look out for the program if it comes here. Thank you for posting and I appreciate the link.

  3. Oh no, hope you can get it. Some of the perfumers are so passionate about their art, it brings them to tears. I was also shocked at how many creations never make it to Market. I am also confused why some perfumes are not available worldwide, eg: Clinique Wrappimgs. Can't get in UK for love nor money!
    Take care



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