Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jardin sur le Toit

Hermes have launched a fourth fragrance in their Jardin range - 'Jardin sur le Toit', the translation being Garden on the roof. If you manage to get hold of the BBC series 'Perfume' there is a segment where Jean Claude Ellena (the perfumeur) is going through the creative process and it is facinating to go behind the scenes. There actually is a garden on the roof of the Hermes boutique in Paris - see picture below.
The fragrance is a perfectly balanced Crisp Floral with Rose at its heart. The structure of the fragrance opens with apple and pear notes with middle notes of magnolia and rose. The dry down of green herbs gives this fragrance that wonderful transparency.

This beautiful composition comes in a 50ml and 100ml eau de toilette and is priced at $115 and $160 respectively.

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  1. I LOVE Hermes perfumes! One of them, Un Jardin Sur Le Nil, was my only perfume for years. I watched a documentary about this one a few weeks back. Isn't it fascinating how they have that magical garden on the rooftop? I thought it was so chic and totally unexpected. Such a luxury in a middle of Paris. x



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