Thursday, May 5, 2011

Astier de Villatte

The beautiful candles from Astier de Villatte Paris have arrived!!!

Primarily known for their tableware in white ceramic, Astier de Villatte was launched in 1996 and their famous store on rue Saint-Honoré opened in 2000. The shop is a must see when you visit Paris.

Astier de Villatte offer a line of high-end perfumed vegetable wax candles. They contain no paraffin or other petrochemical by-products. The unprecedented softness of their candle base is due to a mix of soy, vegetable and a tiny bit of beeswax. They burn flawlessly for about 45 hours.

We have launched 10 candles with new releases Commune de Paris & Opéra. Opéra contains beeswax absolute from the hives atop the 'Opéra' in Paris - it is a must have for the colder months.

Our selection of fragrances include: Delphes, Cambridge, Rue Saint-Honoré, Mantes-la-Jolie, Honolulu, Monte Carlo, Naples, Anchorage, Commune de Paris & Opéra. Their perfumes are created by French parfumeur Françoise Caron from the prestigious Takasago perfume house in Japan.

These delicious candles are priced at $95 each.


  1. These sound simply marvellous. I am such a perfume fanatic, leaning particularly towards chypres. I have never known how to pronounce that, but I love it. Is the Francoise Caron you mention part of the famous Caron family. Some of the best perfumes in the world imo, particularly nocturnes.
    Nice meeting you and thanks for sharing your wonderful news.

  2. Hello Dianne - thank you for joining our blog. I don't believe that Francoise is related to the famous Caron perfume house - we are currently looking at this brand for the store - so I will keep everyone posted - pronunciation is 'sheep - re' - Jill

  3. Thank you so much Jill, you have answered one of life's mysteries for me. I loved visiting your online shop - YOU SELL BANDIT! I love it, one of my all time favourites. Not many people have heard of it outside of France. Excellent taste!


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