Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cire Trudon Display

I love Cire Trudon candles. I purchased a number of antique apothecary jars and together with some beautiful Singapore orchids the window came together.

The beautiful curtains of the 'Paris' streetscape I found in a delicious store in Hawksburn. They are screen printed by hand.

The old leather books were a bit of a find in a gorgeous store called 'Cote Provence' in Carlton. It's one of my favourite places to find items for my window displays.

Last but not least this stunning antique zinc tub was the perfect container for my new orchid. I thought my box hedge wreath was an inspired addition.


  1. Gorgeous, those curtains are exactly what I am looking for :-) Do you have contact details for the shop?

    Merci beaucoup et a bientot,

    Leeann x

  2. Hello Leeann - The store is called Spacecraft - see - - the curtains were $AUD150 each.


  3. well this is very nice,quite beautiful



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