Monday, June 14, 2010

We Love NY

I have just returned from Brisbane where I met with Christian David from Honore des Pres, Paris. He made the trip from Paris for the huge media launch in Sydney and then he travelled up to Brisbane. We were both staying at the Emporium Hotel which was lovely. On Friday we met with Nick Smart from Agence de Parfum (who are the importers/distributors) at his retail store in West End. The store looked amazing, this is a picture of the window display above.

Christian gave the most interesting talk on his collaboration with one of the most famous noses 'Olivia Giacobetti'. He spoke of his passion for creating an organic fragrance range and what a journey it has been to be presenting these beautiful fragrances as it can take over 12 months just to produce the perfume.

An interesting snippet from Paris - as they were launching Honore des Pres in Collette the wonderful Karl Lagerfeld just happened to pop in - Christian is so humble - he said his heart was racing as KL is one of his idols. The new collection 'We love NY' - Vamp in NY has outsold Chanel 5 for the month of May in the fabulous department store 'La Bon Marche' - a staggering achievement!!!

After our little presentation we stroled down the road to a wonderful organic restaurant called Mondo Organics where we had the most delicious of lunches:

Starter: Tin Can Bay Prawn with prawn bisque
Main: Pan fried John Dory with saffron potato, braised fennel, peas, bacon baby clams and saffron veloute
Dessert: Amaretto creme brulee with hazelnut crumble, burnt caramel ice cream and rose water coulis

All in all it was a wonderful few days which I thoroughly enjoyed!!


  1. Seems like a fab. couple of days in Brisbane - great new fragrances and that lunch sounded DIVINE! x (love the link to Mondo Organics too)

  2. Dearest Jill~

    This story sounds amazing! I enjoyed it from the start to finish!

    I'm so happy to see that you've started a blog! I just signed up to follow. You are more than welcome to use my pictures and do a post on my paper flowers. Thanks for asking!

    I will do a quick post on your blog to introduce my readers to your new blog!

    Best wishes always,



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